How to start in this Digital Era

People are often afraid of moving their business online, but please don’t panic. I know what you are feeling, you are probably feeling that you have no clue where to start, which tools you need to use or even what you want to sell.

The main reason I’m writing this blog is because a few of my clients are often lost in the wild world of e-commerce. They want to start selling online but have no clue which tool is the right one for them. With people charging from 1 thousand bucks to even 50 thousand i don’t blame them.

You have tons of options and if you google it the probability of using one of the tools that paid more for your click are huge. So I’m going to try to explain this in the most simple way as possible.

The first thing you must do is understand why you business exist and what problem are you solving. I know this sound cheese and probably you have all read it in “Getting your Business Online 101” but trust me this is not a simple answer. Either you are a Solo Product, a Multiple product page, Software or just informative.

So I’m going to try to explain everything in this post but if i don’t get it please let me know what I missed in the comments or thru an email.

  • Single Product Site


  • E-commerce

The best tool that I have found in this area for small business and not so small (actually I know some companies that sold over 1M and still were based in this amazing tool) is Shopify. Also you’ve probably heard about Magento I also love this tool but is way more complex and you’ll need a team or be a great programmer to start using this one. There are also tools like WooCommerce but to be completely honest, I don’t like them.

Shopify Pros.

  1. Super easy to start
  2. Friendly UX
  3. SEO optimized
  4. Domain, images and videos already hosted.
  5. Themes (if you’re not a web designer you will love this)
  6. Price (starts from $29 and goes all the way up to $299, that’s without the Shopify Plus Plan, that one goes to $800)
  7. Inventory Management
  8. Super easy to manage products

Shopify Cons

  1. Not to customizable
  2. Transaction Fee
  3. Some of the features that you want are thru apps and they will cost you on a monthly basis or one time but they will cost you
  4. Sometimes people choose the same theme so if you want your page to be completely unique, this is NOT for you.

Magento Pros

  1. Super customizable
  2. Tons of features that you can implement and will look amazing
  3. Probability of connecting outside services like inventory trackers for different retail and online stores together.
  4. SEO maniacs
  5. Checkout, Shipping and Payment customizable

Magento Cons

  1. You’ll need a developer if you’re not one
  2. Complexity
  3. Cost – This one is way more expensive than the other ones.
  4. You probably need a bigger business or a more complex one if you are shooting for Magento.
  • Software

I have found that for a software site to be a good one, first you have to think about what are you trying to accomplish if is just an informative site or you are trying to sell your service thru that site.


The best one that I have  experienced is squarespace the beauty on this one is that you can design a great UX without the coding part, but actually if you are in a software business you are probably more experienced on the coding part than me. So if you want to go and build the site entirely. It’s up to you.

Money Making Software Site

Yep, the probability that you have started a business just to make the World Wide Web more interesting and you don’t want to take any profit from that is actually kinda small. If you are like me and didn’t grow up with tons of millons in the bank because a great grandfather left you all the money you’ll probably need to make some cash out of your great idea.

You can start with the informative part of the site thru squarespace or wordpress and then build up from that including services as Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and al the “Pay’s” in the world. WordPress already has a plugin if you want to start selling something and also Squarespace, I do prefer the one with WordPress just because I’ve been more in contact with it.

  • Blog

Did you know that more than 27% of the internet is created in WordPress (this site too, I know, I’m the most original guy in the world) this is no coincidence it is super easy to use and keep you audience updated. One of the blogs that I love – Tim Ferris Blog – is created thru WordPress so why not go with the one software that everybody uses.

  • Landing Page

One of my clients is a huge Expo Builder and what they really need is to create different sites for every Expo that they organize so the best thing to do is to keep it simple Instapage is one tool that I love, super easy to use and has all this plug-ins to help you understand behaviour better, like Add-ons with GA, Facebook, Mailchimp, etc.

I hope that reading this blog has made you a little bit more aware of what type of tool do you need. I’m always happy to help so if you need anything please don’t be afraid to contact me.

Moises Hamui

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How to win in Facebook marketing?

How to win in Facebook marketing?

Although every company can create its own Facebook campaigns, results can differ based on what content you have, what tools you use and what advertising strategy you opt for. As you can imagine, it’s very challenging to overcome your competitors without a sound marketing strategy on Facebook. We are here to help you by offering some quick, efficient Facebook marketing tips you can rely on!

Use the right type of videos

Videos are maybe the best tool you can use to take your Facebook marketing campaigns to the next level. Videos can become viral pretty fast, and people also share them very often too, which is handy. A good idea is to share videos that are unique, useful and also quite short. No one wants to see long videos with no value attached to them. Your video opening matters too, and so does your intro as well.


Optimize your profile

Make sure that you create a profile and brand it with the right images and logos. Also, your content has to be unique and informative as well. If possible, try to vary the type of content you create for your customers. The idea is to have multiple types of content that viewers can enjoy. The more content you have, the better the results can be.

Create Facebook groups

It’s a very good idea to create a community in the form of a Facebook group. This is where you can interact with your audience, talk with them and see what they think about your ideas. Plus, you can also use it as an advertising strategy, since you can generate more leads and customers!

Facebook Groups Moises Hamui
Facebook Group – Really a great one for advice

Use Facebook advertising

Advertising is very important on Facebook. While it’s a paid system, it does help you generate more leads and customers in no time. You can target your audience based on their age, gender, language and other features too. That makes this a lot more powerful than you can imagine, and results will be very special because of that. So yes, Facebook advertising is very important, and that’s what you need to win at Facebook marketing!

Facebook Ads Moises Hamui
AdEspresso – Grear Tool for Ab Testing FB Ads

Always share more, varied content

You can share videos, text, images, even live videos on a platform like Facebook. The possibilities are limitless; the idea is to know exactly what type of content you want and how you can manage it efficiently. But again, variety is important, and you need to focus on spreading your ideas and content through multiple mediums. This is the only way to reach as many people as possible.

Winning in Facebook marketing is very challenging. But if you create and optimize the right Facebook campaigns, results can be quite astonishing in the long term. No matter if you build your e-commerce website or just want more views on your blog, these digital strategy tips will help you a lot. Consistency is key, and you also have to use ads and a variety of content to stand in front of your competition. Do this properly, and results can be amazing!

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Best Practices of E-Commerce

Marketing in the recent times, as gone beyond the one to one means of trading that we use to know, and going to a retailers shop to get goods is really considered to be a strenuous thing now. And like you guess, this will definitely affect businesses that are yet to know the technological development involved in the contemporary trading.

E-commerce has made marketing of products and services extremely easy for both producers and customers. As a matter of fact, one way to make your business go viral, and to make people get aware of what you do is the use of e-commerce.

E-commerce is an online trading method that practically gives both the buyer and seller a good and easy accessibility. In the simplest way, it is just the bringing of your market store right online.

Using the e-commerce as a mode of trading gives you benefits of mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, internet marketing, internet advertisement, data collection, easy delivery and many more.


Many business managers especially small-scale business managers are still in doubt on the need for e-commerce. Hence reading through this will give you enough reasons.

  1. Get your product around the world. There is a saying that “there is no useless product but there can be a wrong location” hence there are places your products are highly needed and you might never be able to sort that out yourself. But with e-commerce, our products connect to people on its own.
  2. Easy accessibility of your business: with e-commerce people finds it easy to get to know what your product entails, and that is enough to win you a customer.
  3. You can easily earn as you sleep. E-commerce is that one method of marketing that can make you just sleep and yet you are earning. The internet does not only market for you but also controls your delivery.


Starting e-commerce is not as essential as knowing what to do to make it work out. Hence, here are some practices that make your e-commerce fulfill your business plan.

  1. Easy accessibility of your page: making you page easily accessible helps you to win the patience of customers.
  2. Add your phone number and email on the page: this goes a long way in winning the trust of your customers.
  3. Using artworks and design to get their emotional connection: when a right design is in place it goes a long way in getting their emotion attached to your product.
  4. Use simple and unambiguous design: designs that are clear and concise improve the understanding of your customers.
  5. Create help center this would make your customers stick to the page knowing fully well that they will get the help needed.
  6. Include the positive review of people on the product: testimony tends to trigger the fact of people, hence the use of previous achievements helps you to get more attention.

Conclusively, the mass use of e-commerce will never make it experience depreciation because of the fast-changing nature of world into full technology. Hence, with e-commerce, your business is guaranteed for continuous growth.